The Scoop on "Per Square Foot" Pricing

Many times we get asked "Why don't you advertise your homes by square footage price" or "why is your home a different price per square foot than the other builder's?" The answer is not easy. In fact, it should be one of the last things to help you decide on a builder. Sure, you can just take our base pricing and divide it by the square footage to get "our" per-square-foot pricing. But what does that mean?

1) The most important thing you should be looking for is "what is exactly included with my home?" While this boils down to the actual brands and features in your home such as windows, siding, flooring materials and much more, there are many other things you need to account for. Are your building permits included in your home price? Does the builder have a temporary drive figured in the quote? What about the cost of your well or septic system? All homes have windows and doors and those definitely play a part in the final cost of your home but look for things that are not included or forgotten. The last thing Dutch Heritage Homes wants is to surprise you during or after your project with astronomical costs for things you weren't aware of. While no one can predict exactly what's in the ground once construction starts we strive to eliminate those variables.

2) Look at your floor plan. Is it a one story home or a two story plan? One story plans generally have a larger footprint and a larger roof area to cover. That translates into more foundation material and a larger roof structure. For instance, if you have a one story, 2,000 square foot home versus a two story, 2,000 square foot home, you automatically have (in general) double the amount of surface area between the one story and the two story. Of course that number can vary if the two story plan isn't exactly 1,000 square feet over 1,000 square feet but you can see how that adds up.

3) Look at the structure of your home plan. Does it have a complicated roof system? Does the foundation have many corners? Are the walls and ceiling heights varied from room-to-room? All of these things add up to extra materials and labor costs. What if you have two identical homes but one had brick on all four sides? Of course, if you divide out the per-square-foot cost the house with all brick would be more expensive. Remember, all of those items collectively add up to the bottom line. When a customer asks to expand their home, they often think you can just multiply the expansion area by the per-square-foot price.. Again, depending on what is affected that number can vary. Sometimes it is less expensive to expand in one direction as opposed to the other.

4) Review the interior features of your home plan. Is the flooring used comparable from builder-to-builder? How many cabinets are in the kitchens and baths? How many bathrooms are there? Doors and windows have to be counted as line items. Transoms and arched windows add extra cost. Swinging doors are generally more expensive than sliding or bi-folding doors. A perfect example of this can be found even in our own floor plans. One of our 2,000 square foot plans may have a rear foyer with lockers, drop zone and a bench. It has a walk-in, tiled shower. It has 36 inch wide doors throughout. That house has a higher sale price than another 2,000 square foot ranch that does not have a large rear foyer, tiled shower or oversized doors.

To summarize all of this, please check your list of included features and your price quote before you choose your new home builder. We are here to educate you about the process. If you use square footage pricing as the basis for choosing your new home, do yourself a favor. Compare everything each builder has to offer before making your decision.
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